Simple People Can Be Happier


Growing up, most of our elders sculpted in our minds that a successful life guarantees happiness, and that’s the very reason why most people are struggling, even pushing and kicking others out of the ladder for the much-coveted success thinking it will bring them happiness.


What Then Is Happiness?

Happiness is not merely your adrenaline rush.  Positive psychology researcher Sonja Lyubomirsky


Contentment is Happiness

Contentment is when you’re satisfied with your present state of life.  It is when you feel you’ve achieved the things that make you happy.   You no longer want complications just to improve it more to the next level.   Those we call simple people have no problem achieving this state because their measurement for happiness is contentment with what they have.  They don’t look at others or make others’ standards theirs.   They are just purely happy with achieving what they want for their lives. “Authentic happiness is relating to the entire universe. When someone relates and leaves nothing out, you can see it in the face and posture. There is a presence about a truly happy person, a look that says “Yes,” to oneself, to others, and to the world.” says Andrea F. Polard, PsyD.


Meaningful Life

Simple People Are Contented and Can Live a Meaningful Life

Many successful individuals gain the respect of many people, but often lose the love and respect of their families.


There’s No One Formula For Happiness

Happiness depends on how each person gauges it.  Things that make other happy will not surely make you happy.   Their formula for happiness may not be the same as yours.  Happiness is not only for the successful and driven people.  The unpretentious, simple thinking people are also entitled to be happy and can even live happier. Note that “Happy people do things differently. They make their emotional wellbeing a priority and practice daily and weekly habits that help them create joy, happiness and satisfaction in their lives.” explains. Dr. Chantal Gagnon PhD LMHC.


Happiness is Just Lying There Somewhere Waiting For You

“Happy people make healthier choices,” explains Scott Glassman, PsyD. Happiness is not always in the academic awards you receive in school, not in the promotions you earn, and definitely, not in turning your small business into an empire.


Happiness is something you will never really know unless you experience it yourself and mediocrity is never your lack of accomplishment.   Sometimes, better are the simple people for they know what they want that will bring them pure joy and consider only the one right path to get there.  They know they strive to achieve happiness, so once these people find it, they will never let go and will never trade it off for any material thing this world can offer.