Types Of Friends You Should Avoid


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Your friends can become one of the most critical persons in your life. They teach you a lot of lessons. They provide value in everything you do, and they become the foundation of your self-improvement decisions. However, not all of them are as beneficial as you thought they would be. Some only want nothing but to take advantage of you. Most of the times, they become the source of your emotional and mental suffering. With that, your ability to know which ones to keep is essential in maintaining your overall health and development. So here are the types of friends you should avoid.

“I take Yours, But You Can’t Take Mine.”

Most types of friendship give and take. When you offer them something, they offer something in return. However, some individuals take so much of your time and energy but are not willing to sacrifice theirs. These people have the mentality that consuming something from you is their primary purpose. But when you are the one who wants something from them, those things become an off-limits. These types of friends are selfish and undeniably self-centered. Erika Martinez, PsyD once said, “You have to get really clear with yourself first about what’s motivating you when you agree to do someone else a favor.”

“I Will Help, But Give Something In Return”


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“Your environment, both your social and natural surroundings, can greatly impact how you feel.”  Marjie L. Roddick, MA, NCC, LMHC said. It is vital to recognize that friendship is something that requires effort. It is often successful when two parties know their responsibilities to each other. But when your friends are only doing things for you because they benefit from it, you should consider cutting them off. These people will not only take something from you but will also make you feel that you owe them the world. Their attitudes get stuck in the idea that whatever they do for you are something that you should thank them forever.

“I’m Here Because I Need You”

Friends should be there for you when you need them, and not the other way around. When these people stick around because they know they can gain something, they are not the ones you need. These types of friends mostly choose you and follow you because they know you will give them something. But when you happen to ignore their needs and start to refuse to all their demands, they will leave you in an instant.

“It Is Always A No For Me”


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Karen R. Koenig, MEd, LCSW used to say, “Nothing ruins self-esteem like surrounding yourself with people who abuse or neglect you.” When you have these types of friends that always say no and does not want to be involved in your life, you should leave them immediately. These ungrateful people will never agree to anything you do or say. These people’s lives are focused on making you feel bad about yourself. They do not support your ideas, and they never appreciate your worth. You have to avoid these types of friends because they are draining, exhausting, and full of shit.