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Mediocre Service

Maybe you have experienced poor customer service? I will guess that no less than 99.9 avoiding the people reading this post will answer yes. Now I guess one bad employee or a lot of the time many people will pass that off as only a poor day. Perhaps it is and then it becomes an event that is certainly occurring all too often yet if most people have experienced poor customer service.


Any incident of poor customer service that is not corrected immediately is giving a message that there’s an approval of a lower standard. When an employee makes a fault that is comprehensible and it only needs correction.


Anytime a supervisor or manager allows something “slide”, the message is the exact same. Letting things slide tells employees it is OK not to conclude the task. The message is the fact that management does not have high expectations and so the workers don’t should have these both. It is gratifying part of the occupation not finished.


Keeping people responsible does not always mean there is subject that is needed. There are lots of ways to keep people responsible. Easy reminders whether spoken or written, checking in on how things are going, asking clients, asking other sections, checking paperwork, and a whole lot more. It’s letting the employees understand that you as the supervisor are involved and are monitoring the group. It tells people the job they do is important.


If this is not happening the employees will understand almost instantly. The employees don’t have to care when there is a perception the manger doesn’t care enough to keep people responsible then. This spills over to the customers. Once this disconnect happens it will typically bring about poor customer care.


When another party (man) is not considered the disconnect has happened. This occurs in different ways and not constantly but usually repeats. As a few examples, it can be that the employee acts like an individual is really a fuss, or even a manager never seems to have time for your employees. Maybe it’s an assignment did not get done with no reasonable explanation or even that a manager micro manages at all times. There’s a non-caring or non- trusting outlook happening.


Accepting mediocrity hurts everyone. It is only being average. One of the causes of mediocrity is the disconnected.